Posted on Sep 30, 2019

Aim High Detailing

Gary called and explained he had a Miata that he would like for us to shine up. When we saw the 1990 MX-5, we realized this would take a little more effort. I believe this was a barn find, heavily oxidized along with embedded grime, oil, some type of adhesive, and other contaminants. We gave the MX-5 a luxurious bath with our patent pending "R10.5" Foam Restorer, and well, the results speak for themselves. While those other "as seen on TV" spray polishes require a bit of elbow grease, simply spray R10.5 on your vehicle and walk away. THEN, you degrease, wash, clay, compound where able, polish the more delicate areas, and wax. not complicated at all! All joking aside, this detail was a blast and a very cool project car with interesting things going on under the intake. And a couple of very interesting conversations with the Gary(s)! If YOU have a project car, or just one that needs a little (or a LOT) extra attention, give us a call - we love what we do!
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